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Specializing in environmental equipment and engineering for over a decade,

We offer comprehensive solutions and equipment for flood control projects, industrial waste water, sewage treatment and portable water treatment projects such as Archimedean screw pumps, mechanical screen, low speed surface aerators, air diffuser, chain and flight scraper, centrifuge decanter, dissolved air flotation, gravity belt thickener, belt filter press, filter press, sludge dryer and trash rakes. Our equipment are registered with SPAN, ISO certified and designed to meet the demands for all sewage, water, industrial, flood control and irrigation applications.

Our focus is on creating value from water and waste, and we offer solutions to the world’s most complex water and wastewater treatment problems. Lantec Far East Sdn Bhd will ensure wastewater plants achieve environmental compliance, reduce environmental impact and substantially improve efficiency.

The input of Lantec Far East combined with the continuous support of our technology providers who are leading representatives in their respective fields, assures that the offered environmental technologies are fully adapted to the local requirements and of the highest quality. Not only do we propose solutions, we also guarantee the performance and the quality. We deliver complete systems but also process components as per your requirements whilst always incorporating the best technology available.


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